The COVID-19 pandemic changed not only where many of us work, but HOW we work, and technology was at the forefront of all of these changes. Tech trends in 2020 included remote work, enhanced needs for security, and a demand for more flexibility from both employees and employers alike. 

So what can we expect in 2021? Here are the top trends to watch and ones that you might want to consider adopting in the new year for your business or team. 

Remote Working and Videoconferencing Technology and Apps 

This trend started long before COVID-19, but the pandemic pushed not only the desire but the need for these kinds of technology into hyperdrive. In fact, many companies have been so successful in moving their workforce out of the office and into their homes (or kitchen table, bedroom, etc) that they are closing their on-site locations and investing more into supporting their remote workers with enhanced technology and applications. We don’t expect this trend to reverse, or slow anytime soon! 

Contactless Shopping and Delivery/Pickup 

This is another trend that was beginning to gain traction prior to the pandemic but has only seen a marked increase ever since as a result. Contactless ordering, delivery, and pickup has become a normal part of everyday life for many households, businesses, and providers in the last year and they are investing more into the tools, devices, infrastructure, and applications to support even more contactless options.

The Proliferation of 5G Infrastructure, Services, and Enhanced Connectivity 

As more and more businesses, households, services, and individuals come to rely on data connectivity that’s high-speed and reliable, the more demand there will be for these services. Everything from health-care, education, entertainment, and more has seen a moderate to dramatic increase in their reliance on high speed, dependable internet connectivity, and this isn’t a trend that will see a reversal or slow down. 

All Things AI, IoT and Automation 

If you haven’t noticed the theme yet, many things 2019 that were expected to experience growth in 2020 experienced huge growth instead as a result of the response to the pandemic. Artificial intelligence, internet of things devices, and automation are no exception. As the desire for contactless interaction continues, these applications and technologies will continue to evolve and improve. 

Virtual Reality and Augment Reality (VR/AR)

VR/AR technology was primarily being used for entertainment purposes prior to the pandemic, but as the need for more personal, natural-feeling interactions were identified in virtual spaces, the possibilities with mixed-reality tech became apparent, especially in education, training, and business spaces. It’s likely that corporations and organizations that may not have entertained the use of virtual technology before the pandemic, may be more likely to take a look in 2021. 

In summary, the demand for technology that enables us to work safely, and securely from anywhere is not going to go away anytime soon (if ever). If you are a decision-maker or influencer in your company or organization that’s inspired by these tech trends, and ready to explore what managed mobility services can mean for you and your team, we’re experts and ready to support your investment in 2021!

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