Enterprise Mobility Management


Managed services that can be offered all-inclusive or a la carte with a per device monthly fee.

Allow employee autonomy while protecting your enterprise from threats that accompany mobile-enabled employees. Our US-based help desk with real-time plan management enables a growing mobile workforce by offering these services and more.

  • Daily Plan Optimization
  • Invoice Processing
  • Cost allocation
  • Device procurement
  • Imaging, kitting, shipping


  • Hot spares inventory management
  • U.S. based help desk
  • Single invoice/bill payment
  • Security

Plan Optimization

Systematically reviewing and optimizing wireless plans can result in drastic mobility cost savings. Experienced in plans from all the carriers, we can identify and recommend the most cost-effective plans.

Cost allocation

Mobility Help Desk will work with the accounting team to develop custom reports to show exact allocations and give you control over accurately allocating expenses across the enterprise.

Device procurement

Mobility Help Desk will process orders via any carrier for new activations or upgrades and can also procure Apple or Samsung devices direct without carrier contracts for all new or replacement devices.

Imaging, kitting, shipping

As you add or replace devices, our kitting and assembly team becomes engaged to kit, image and ship the new devices. With a set pre-determined process, we will image the device with the corporate approved applications, email accounts, and corporate security. We then kit the device in a protective case, with protective glass, and waterproof it before shipping to your specified location. Once the device arrives all your clients have to do is turn it on and call Mobility Help Desk for activation.

Hot spares inventory management

This program maintains a complete inventory of fully-functional devices and ships a replacement unit to your client, fully loaded with the appropriate application set to a preset standard, regardless of your location, for arrival the next day. They then ship the problematic device to Mobility Help Desk. The cost of these additional units can be included in the program cost or purchased separately.

Help desk

Mobility Help Desk specialists are seasoned veterans that have a deep knowledge of the devices, services, and have the technical skills to solve most any problem. They are available 6-6 PST with after hours on call 24/7.

Invoice processing and payments

Our automated solution focuses on both strategic and tactical benefits giving you full control over the invoice handling process, workflows, rights and business rules along with efficiency that reduces your transaction costs per invoice and streamlines accounts payable.

Single invoice/bill payment

Mobility Help Desk bills the end user with one single invoice and then distributes the funds to the appropriate entities.

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