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Managed services that can be offered all-inclusive or a la carte with a per device monthly fee.

All the features of our EMM product: True Usage Calculations, Real-Time Management, Invoice Processing & Payments, Hot Spares, Device Procurement, Imaging and Kitting and our U.S. based help desk, with the addition of our extremely competitive voice and data plans, all for a single monthly fee per device. Take the guess work out of your mobility budget with our EMM+ offering. 

True Usage Allocations

We utilize a True Usage methodology in cost allocating your wireless charges. This allows for more accurate allocations within your organization and to those departments and users who consume the most wireless services

Proactive Plan Management

While others manage plans based on historical billing data and assumptions about future use trends, we take a different approach. Our systems provide us with the ability to make plan adjustments on a proactive basis, based on what is taking place right now. Ensuring you purchase only what you need translates into lower costs for you.

Invoice Processing & Payments

Whether you are trying to make sense of a single wireless carrier invoice or are juggling dozens, our automated invoice processing and bill payment services deliver the clarity you need. We aggregate all of your wireless carrier invoices into a single monthly invoice to you, then distribute the funds to the appropriate entities.

Hot Spares

For mission critical users, we can maintain an inventory of Hot Spare devices that have been imaged to your specifications. These devices can be immediately activated and shipped for arrival to your user the next day. The cost of the additional units can be included in the program cost or purchased separately.

Device Procurement

We process orders for all wireless carriers. Whether you need new activations, upgrades or even assistance with a warranty exchange, our team is standing by to help.

Imaging & Kitting Services

As you add or replace devices, our team will image, kit and ship them to your specifications. Your devices are imaged with corporate approved applications, email accounts and the agreed upon security protocols. Prior to shipping, we apply a protective case and a tempered glass screen protector to every smartphone and tablet that goes out the door.

U.S. Based Help Desk

Our Help Desk Team is here to support you every step of the way. Whether a user breaks their phone, needs an accessory, or simply needs assistance resetting their password, our knowledgeable team of experts has you covered.

Device Sanitizing & Recycling

Our Secure Wipe solution employs multiple wipe measures and automatically selects the most efficient method based on the standard to be followed. In addition to NIST, our solution supports multiple standards for data erasure including R2, Department of Defense (DOD) and InfoSec (U.K. standard)

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