Get your Calculator out, because this ROI is easier to quantify than you might think. 

As the nature of our workforce continues to embrace remote work and mobility and security become bigger priorities, companies, and organizations are realizing the importance of more robust MDM (Mobile Device Management) partnerships. As the number of devices increase, so can their costs, and many enterprise-level organizations are concerned about the perceived runaway expenses associated with EMM, or Enterprise Mobile Management

So how do companies and corporations keep their expenses predictable, and realize an ROI on their EMM investment as they continue to expand and enhance their employee’s ability to work securely and productively, from anywhere? 

Fortunately, the ROI of EMM isn’t a nebulous value concept, but a very quantifiable, manageable metric that can not only be met, but predicted. Whether your goals are to increase security, augment the mobility, efficiency, or flexibility of your team, or simply cut down on expenses, proper management of your company’s mobile devices and their performance can generate an ROI in the following ways: 


“Time is Money.” -Benjamin Franklin

This is something most of us would agree on, but when it comes to practicing what we preach, individuals and corporations alike can often struggle. 

Oftentimes people, teams, and organizations will continue to perform processes or operations in a very time-intensive manner out of habit, tradition, or an erroneous belief that by keeping the process the same, they will be saving money. 

For instance, if your company could save just 10 minutes per device set up, and they can regularly expect to set up 100 devices a month, over the course of a year they have saved 12,000 minutes! Now that’s a real ROI!

Reduce your trouble tickets and the need for on-site visits or appointments. 

Having their devices professionally set up, managed, and updated has the capacity to save the company, even more, when it comes to reducing downtime, glitches, and hours of frustration. If you have ever had the pleasure of having to go through the process of getting an issue resolved with your device, then you know what we’re talking about! 

Those trips to the vendor, hours spent on hold, waiting for a trouble ticket to be answered, you already know what a nightmare this becomes when you are dealing with hundreds or even thousands of devices. 

And when it comes to protecting your workforce and the community, social distancing is much easier to support when face-to-face interactions with IT and vendors are reduced. 

Time is Money, and in this case, it’s potentially a LOT of money (and sanity!) saved. 

Security and Risk. 

If 10% of phones are lost, 5% are stolen, and only HALF of those are recovered, you can pretty quickly calculate what your company or corporation’s exposure is financially every day or month. 

MDM for your fleet of devices can feature location tracking to help with the recovery of your lost or stolen assets, and secure app and network management features can protect your company, your employees, AND your client’s sensitive information simultaneously. 

Remotely managing an enterprise’s devices and access to the applications and data on those devices can drastically reduce the costs (both quantifiable and unquantifiable) associated with having so many devices, and increase the confidence of your team members and customers alike. 

Data Costs and Productivity. 

We have already mentioned time, but certainly the time your IT manager spends on daily device management could be reallocated, and staffing streamlined if routine processes were being handled remotely by your EMM partner. 

Also, with MDM management, the applications that your company’s devices can access can be fine-tuned and personalized, reducing data usage, data breaches, device malfunctions, and more! These are also very easily quantifiable. This might mean that your team members will miss out on the newest episode of The Mandalorian, but it also means higher productivity and efficiency in the office, in the field, or from the home office. 

If your current EMM isn’t showing an ROI, or you are ready to present something to your CFO that will really wow them, give Mobility Help Desk a call! When partnered with AT&T’s 5G Network, your company or organization can start enjoying the performance and reliability your employees and customers deserve. 

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