Have you ever wondered just how secure your mobile device is? Whether it’s a passcode, or remotely erasing your device, be sure to maximize your mobile security with these tips.


1. Always keep a passcode

There are many forms that a ‘passcode’ takes. On some devices, you can set a swipe pattern. On others, you can set up facial recognition to add another layer of security. However it is done, we strongly recommend keeping your device password-protected, and maximizing your mobile security with AT&T’s secure network.

2. Download a security/virus protection application

Apps like McAfee security can help protect your mobile handset when browsing the internet, or when detecting potentially malicious software on your phone. Keeping a reliable phone security application on at all times you are connected to the internet is a good idea, especially when the internet connection is not secure.

3. Find your device

Many modern-day phone companies have some form of remotely locating your device when it is lost. This also commonly allows the authorized user of the phone to remotely ping the handset, and even erase it. In the rare occasion, your phone gets stolen or lost, you can make sure your data is safe by resetting your phone remotely. Mobility Help Desk provides devices that are ready to go with all of the latest firmware and software you need when this scenario occurs and ensures you always have the fastest connection with AT&T.

4. When in doubt, do not reply

This may seem obvious, but replying to malicious emails or texts can leak valuable information that you may want to keep private. Scammers often entice users with the promise of a free vacation or use the scare tactic of telling you that your credit card was just stolen. We recommend that you never reply when you receive these calls, texts, and emails. Be sure you have the maximum security you deserve by utilizing the powerful AT&T network.

5. Review privacy policies

A surprising amount of your personal information is shared with corporations when you install their software on your mobile device. Mobility Help Desk recommends you review the privacy policies of all applications you install so that you understand the risks before download.


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