We have all experienced the trifles that come with working while mobile: your work life tends to bleed into your personal life as the world becomes more and more connected, and you wonder “where does the time go?”

Sometimes, your business may be placed to the side as your life gets increasingly hectic and full. For small businesses, this can be detrimental to the future success of the organization, so here are some ways to get the most time out of your day to work on the things that matter to your business.

Make a plan

Keeping your daily plans at the top of your priorities can save a tremendous amount of time. Being sure you know what you are working on before you start your day can reduce stress, anxiety, and help you achieve more. Delegation of tasks is also important so you have time to work on tasks that demand strengths that are unique to you.

Have a consistent schedule, and stick to it

You should also plan on having a set time to stop working for the day. Yes, sometimes we need to work overtime, but we should all keep a consistent stopping time so we may decompress as the workday draws to a close. We recommend setting reminders on your phone to step away every so often to re-gather your thoughts. With AT&T’s expansive network, you will be able to check your emails later.

Know when you do your best work

Be sure you do your hardest tasks when you are ready for the hardest work. This means that if you are a morning person, be sure you get your big tasks done for the day first thing, and then you’ll have time to worry about the smaller ones. You can manage your daily tasks effectively with AT&T’s robust speed to reduce your planning time. Similarly, if you are an evening person you can save your more difficult projects for later, so you can step into work the next day refreshed, knowing that you just crossed something big off of your list. 

Decide if a meeting is really necessary

Avoiding unnecessary meetings is key to not waste time. So many things could be solved with a simple phone call for clarification to an employee, whereas a meeting to clarify one small thing can turn into a big time waster. 

Use tools to automate processes

If your job requires a lot of repeated tasks, using templates of everyday processes may prove to be a time saver. Simply prep a few files to be templates so working on the go is even easier.

Learn from your peers

We also recommend asking your peers and family how they work. Perhaps they will have additional ideas to better optimize your workflow!

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