Imagine being able to complete work quickly and efficiently, wherever you may be. With the advancements we are making in technology, this future seems even more possible.


Here are 10 ways you can make working on the go easier:


1. Use your phone

We know that this may not be the first choice for those of you who are used to desktop setups, but learning how apps integrate with your primary workspace will give you a mobile edge. Plus, AT&T’s wireless network is superb for being able to read and respond to emails, instant messages, and even work on documents from your mobile device. This will optimize anyone’s daily workflow.

2. Don’t rush it

People don’t often do their best work when in a rush. Putting a calendar event or reminder on your phone to work on the go will ensure that you are not caught off guard.

3. Make a list of resources

List out key people and resources that will assist you in getting your work done quickly and efficiently, in case you need to contact them with any questions or clarifications. Being resourceful will go a long way in optimizing your mobile workspace paired with AT&T.

4. Keep your bag organized

This may seem like a simple no-brainer tip, but when in a hurry, people often forget to organize their personal items. Keeping a bag that is uncluttered and free of things you don’t need will make sure that the items you need are right there, ready to go when you are. 

5. Work at coffee shops

Some of us are guilty of stopping at a local coffee shop to grab a morning cup of joe before heading to the office. Make use of that valuable time by connecting to Wi-Fi and smashing through a few emails. This will ease the panic of a stuffed inbox, and may even become a part of your daily routine. You also have the option of 4G LTE connectivity with AT&T’s fast network, which can save time in a hurry.

6. Squeeze the maximum battery life out of your device

There are many helpful tips and tricks online about how to maximize the battery on your devices. This could include power-saving modes, disabling location services and Bluetooth, and closing certain applications when they are not in use. Knowing how to get the most life out of your device is essential when time is tight and deadlines approach.

7. Stay on Wi-Fi at all times

Even if this means using your phone as a hotspot, you should always be connected to receive all messages and correspondences to keep the work flowing. Stay safe on public Wi-Fi networks by not using any sensitive information when connected. However, AT&T’s network is a strong solution when Wi-Fi is not available.

8. Make that meeting

What if I told you that you don’t need to physically be at a meeting to get in on the fun? Using apps such as Zoom or Skype allow you to tap into meetings via a video call. Be sure you have a webcam and microphone (you likely already have these on your laptop) and join the meeting from wherever you are!

9. Block your time

One of the best ways to get your work done faster and more efficiently is to set time blocks. Knowing how much time you have to work on tasks goes a long way in your mobile working lifestyle because you can now know when you will be able to complete things for your clients/employees. 

10. To err is human

Don’t worry about making mistakes, as everyone does, but be sure you can gain knowledge from them so you can better optimize your mobile work life. Transitioning to a new mode of work will always include process improvements, so don’t beat yourself up about it! Reduce the amount of time it takes to complete your internet-required tasks with the power of AT&T.

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