Old Need, New Technology 

If you’ve been on the planet for a few years, you might have experienced the joys of having to run to the neighbor’s house or even up the road to make a phone call during an emergency. But for many people, the concept of not having their phone readily available seems foreign and unimaginable. Between these two extremes, is the idea that people have been using telephones, flips phones, and smartphones for almost 100 years to get a hold of someone during an emergency. 

The first mobile telephone call was made 40 years ago, and a lot has changed since then, so how can you use your smartphone to help you in an emergency in the year 2020 and beyond? 

Smartphone Capabilities in an Emergency 

When you think about how you can use your phone in an emergency, the first thing that probably comes to mind is picking it up and simply making a phone call, preferably 911.  But what else can your phone do for you in an emergency? 

Apps that Can Save Lives 

There are many apps that you can install ahead of time, that will keep you informed, in the know, and ready to respond in the event of almost any kind of an emergency. These apps include: 

These apps are readily available for both Android and iOs devices and may make all the difference when it comes to the need to be not only aware of, but able to respond or be located in the event of an emergency. Some are free, and others require a fee for the service. 


While GPS may get a bad rap, it can really be a lifesaver when it comes to enabling others to find you in the event that you are lost, injured, or trapped somewhere. Get to know the GPS capabilities of your phone and the plethora of apps that you can utilize to get the most out of it. Traveling, hiking, camping, backpacking, commuting or working remotely can become more secure, safe activities when you take advantage of your phone’s GPS capabilities. 

A World of Information in your Pocket

In the event that you still have service, you literally have a world of information right in your pocket thanks to smartphones. That means that you can look up how to perform first aid, look up maps, check the weather, learn how to build an emergency shelter, or understand what’s edible in a matter of minutes. You can learn how to change a flat, replace a fuse, or look up a 24/7 locksmith or tow company. You can learn how and where to look for potable water, start a fire, or pine-needle tea! Knowledge is power, and it’s especially powerful in an emergency! 

Save to Phone

Even if you don’t have service, if you plan ahead there are still many things that your phone can do for you. Take screenshots of maps, save directions and more using the internal storage on your device. And remember apps like your flashlight feature and downloaded podcasts, music, games, emergency tones and more are still accessible, even when service is not. 

Right Devices, Right Network

Your phone can do a lot of amazing things in the event of an emergency, but only if you have the right device, and the network to power it. Devices that are outdated, limited on storage, have inadequate operating systems or short battery life will impair your ability to respond in an emergency, and a network that is spotty or shorts you on data won’t be of any help either! 

Mobility Help Desk, in partnership with the AT&T Evolution 5G Network, can help your company ensure that your team has the right devices and the accessibility that they need to power their route, deadlines, or any other emergency that might come their way, night or day. 

Stay safe, and connected out there! 

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