How to save money.

Now more than ever, businesses are looking for ways to save money and keep their staff and customers safe simultaneously. Every once and awhile, a solution presents itself that can accomplish two things, and when you partner with Mobility Help Desk, you can have your cake, and eat it too with the power of AT&T’s LTE 5G Network!

Businesses are investing big money in going mobile, and they want to know that there’s going to be a big return on their investment. So how can your company save money, and work more efficiently by going mobile? 

Save on infrastructure costs.

More and more people expect to work remotely in the coming years, and with the recent push to work from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this isn’t a trend that’s bound to go away! In the future, big companies can expect to invest less in corporate infrastructure (buildings, offices, roads, facilities) and more on their mobile capabilities. And when your mobile devices are managed by Mobility Help Desk and powered by AT&T, security and reliability are given! 

Reduced absenteeism. 

Considering how many employees are already working remotely, and expect to continue to do so in the future, companies expect to see less absenteeism from happy, healthier employees, which can add up to tens of thousands of dollars of savings per employee! 

Greater efficiency. 

With the right technology, devices, support, and speed, your employees can get the job done seamlessly from wherever they are until it’s done. And plus, they can do all this securely when you take advantage of Mobility Help Desks’ partnership with VMware, and AT&T’s powerful global network. 

Utilizing mobile apps. 

Chances are, that desktop software that your employees rely on to get their work done has a mobile app, which can save you both time, and money! But it’s important to ensure that your teams have the right devices in order to take advantage of all the mobile apps out there. Need help choosing the right devices? Mobility Help Desk can do that! 

Save on overhead. 

Less people in the building means less maintenance and upkeep! You’ll see savings in heating and cooling, water usage, cleaning services, vending, toiletries, electricity, paper products, office supplies and more! The savings add up quickly, and that’s money you can definitely put to good use! 

Reduce “middleman” and lag time for tasks. 

Your team will be less reliant on the office middlemen with devices that fit your business’s needs and the support to ensure that they are properly equipped and configured according to your specifications. The time that it takes to hunt down a particular document, person, or department will be drastically reduced. This can add up to minutes a day, hours a week, and big savings over the course of a year! Mobility Help Desk can ensure that your mobile ecosystem is set up right the first time, with AT&T’s LTE 5G network power behind it! 

Save time with IoT devices. 

The number of devices available which can remotely perform tasks is growing daily. Things like remote monitoring of crucial infrastructure, temperature sensors or physical security. Mobility Help Desk in partnership with AT&T has your business covered!

Time and cost savings with a single-source provider. 

No longer do you have to contact one provider for your devices, one for your service, one for your support, and another for your security needs. You can work with one provider to fulfill all of your device management, data, and security solutions. This allows you and your team to focus on what really matters: your business! 

Reduced down-time due to technical issues/learning curve.

Adopting new technology can be expensive, but we’re not just talking about the hardware! The time and energy and frustration that can come with integrating new technology into a large business can be immense. But with a single service provider like Mobility Help Desk, your employees receive their devices in a ready-to-run state, set up and configured correctly to your specifications, all powered by AT&T’s 5G Network. Less hair pulling, more productivity. 

 Contemporary, sophisticated companies simply run more efficiently. 

Recruitment, retention, company culture, customer and vendor satisfaction all improve when things just work right, and with uniform, reliable devices and the right network, just works better! 

Can you think of more ways that your company could save money and realize a greater ROI by going mobile?  

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