As new iPhones continue to come to market every few years, new product features and shortcuts are available to enhance your experience as a user. However, often times we aren’t even aware of these improvements, and so we continue operating our devices in exactly the same way that we did before.

But have no fear. In this article, we’ll discuss 15 useful tips and tricks that will turn you into an iPhone pro! Disclaimer: Most, if not all of this content is related to iPhones with iOS 12 updates and beyond.

Speed Up Slowing iPhones 

As an iPhone user myself, I’ve often felt like my device slows as it ages (obviously), but that it also coincides with the launch of a newer, faster, phone with a different iOS. Although that claim can be highly debated, one thing is clear: Apple is tired of hearing that from consumers, and has promised to focus on performance moving forward.

If you do have an older device, there are measures that can be taken to ensure your device speed is maintained. First, clear out the memory by completely powering off a device. We all fall victim to having entirely too many applications on our phones over the course of time. Eliminating apps that were installed on the phone at activation, or deleting those that aren’t useful will open up more memory and space on the phone.

Going back to the original point about updating iOS, this seems to garner mixed results for consumers, but as of iOS 12, improvements are being made to performance. Long story short, don’t be afraid to update your iOS!

Improve Your iPhone Password Security

One small thing that everyone should do is update their passcodes. You may be wondering, why would I update my passcode, if I can just unlock my phone using my fingerprint or face? For one, despite new innovation, that 4 or 6 digit passcode is all that is between your device and someone having access to everything on it.

As mentioned above, moving from a 4 to a 6 digit passcode adds another neat layer of security. On top of that, that 6 digit passcode can now be alphanumeric, meaning that letters can now be added to the passcode. This allows for an almost unlimited number of password combinations, making it far more difficult for hackers to unlock your phone.

Save iPhone Battery With Low Power Mode

Although our phones can do more than ever before, that firepower comes with a cost, and it typically comes in the form of your battery life. It is always useful to have an additional cordless charger if you’re using your phone on-the-go, or don’t have the ability to charge your phone in the car.

These are practical tips for keeping your battery life intact, but inevitably there will come a time where you need an ace in the hole to keep your phone power afloat. The addition of Low Power Mode is one of the most useful innovations Apple has come up with lately . When your phone goes below 20 percent power, typically a warning message will appear notifying you and prompting you to activate Low Power Mode. You can do this either from the general settings menu or by swiping up from the home button and locating the Low Power Mode button on the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

Low Power Mode makes every effort to maximize your battery life for you with a click of a button. For example, in some instances, it will turn off a number of features that consume battery life. In other cases, it will turn off Hey Siri and background app refresh, reduce animations, decrease time before the screen darkens, or even load your email less frequently. All of these seemingly small efforts actually have a tremendous impact on your battery life, helping you get through your workday without scrambling for a charger.

Activate Do Not Disturb

Whether you’re driving in your car or in important meetings, this function comes in handy when you want to safely avoid distractions on the road or avoid that cringe-worthy moment in front of your boss. To activate Do Not Disturb while driving, simply Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb and then, under Do Not Disturb While Driving, tap Activate. There are multiple settings that you can apply to different situations, making it a very versatile function.

Autofill Your Passwords

If the countless username & password combinations you have currently is driving you crazy, have no fear, autofill is here! While it’s no superhero, it certainly saves you time and headaches along the way.

Most new devices have this capability and are fairly simple to use. Enable autofill in settings and go from there. Each time you are prompted to enter a username, it will ask to automatically save and will be stored for future use. You have the flexibility to remember usernames and then enable autofill for the password, using your Touch ID or passcode for the device.

There are numerous other benefits to these new devices. Keep your phone more secure and save valuable time by utilizing the features above. For more information on mobile plans for your business, or tips on how to keep your device safe from outside threats, visit us at Mobility Help Desk!