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Our self-serve portal is easy to use and quick to setup. After setup, the portal allows you to fully manage your services, pay for the monthly subscription, activate, suspend, or deactivate SIM cards. 

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All of our current data plan options and rates can be found in the subscription plan section of the site. If you need assistance in determining the right plan, please reach out to us. 

Watch this video on how to activate a SIM card. 

You’ll need the router IMEI and ICCID of your SIM card. If you need assistance in finding this information, please reach out to us. 

Yes! Most routers can send alerts if you’ve reached preset data thresholds. We highly recommend configuring these alerts in the manufacturer’s configuration tools, such as Cradlepoint’s Netcloud. If you’re unfamiliar with this process, please reach out so we can try to help.

Please note, these alerts are not guaranteed to stop overage fees, only a tool to help you try to manage your usage.

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