Turn of the century who could have guessed the impact wirelessly enabled technologies would have on the socioeconomic landscape of modern business. We sure didn’t. Back then Mobile was for dreamers, not hard-nosed business pragmatists and besides we had more pressing matters: we believed Y2K was about to send us all packing back to the Stone Age.

Man-oh-man were we wrong and on both counts.

Today, it takes no imagination at all to witness the transformative power of the wirelessly enabled Internet of Things and the always-on business ecosystem it has fostered. Wireless technologies, as wonderful as they are, are not without myriad challenge and one of them in particular is bedeviling IT professionals everywhere: Information System Security and Management.

To greet this challenge, it ‘s helps to understand the broad set of functionality necessary to provide robust enterprise grade mobile management and security.

Here’s a brief overview of the major must have requirements:

Device Management

Your organization must gain visibility over every device connected to your network and it’s critical content and resources. You will need the ability to remotely enroll, configure and update device settings and enforce security policies and compliance across every device in the company from within a unified dashboard.


Security isn’t an option and your solutions should allow you to secure corporate data and protect it end-to-end and these security protocols must extend to all users, devices and applications regardless of device type or operating system.

Application Management

You’ll want the ability to remotely enable application distribution, updates, and tracking for all internal, public and proprietary applications across the device fleet and an easy means to wrap approved apps with advanced security.

Content Management

Securing document distribution and mobile access to corporate content anywhere and anytime is also crucial. Functionality should allow you to store documents and email attachments in secure containers protected by authentication, file encryption, geofencing and user permissions.

The really good news is our Mobility-as-a-Service solution offers comprehensive security and management resources to ensure successful mobile deployments.

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