We get it: emails about emails, meetings about meetings, and conversations about conversations are commonplace in the world of business. This can cause tasks to get lost in the shuffle, and decrease productivity. We have come up with a list of 10 must have apps to increase the productivity of the modern business owner in the world of wireless connectivity.

#1: Asana

This app is a powerful tool in terms of assigning tasks and collaboration. With Asana, you can follow progress updates and upload relevant files to see the project through to completion and delivery. We all know how complicated email chains can become! Asana removes the mess with Google Drive and Dropbox integration, as well as Integration with Slack to send progress updates. This free app is a must have for any wirelessly connected business, big or small. As an AT&T partner, we ensure that you can get the quality and consistent mobile connectivity you need. 

Price: Free for basic, plans vary.

#2: Evernote

We have all been in a situation where we have a quick thought and want to capture it for later. Evernote lets its users categorize, edit, and share notes with massive support for audio, video, and even clipping informative bits from the web, making this powerful free app is a preload no brainer for any business owner when paired with AT&T mobile solutions.

Price: Free for basic, plans vary

#3: Slack

A quintessential business messaging tool, Slack is remarkably apt at sending quick updates as needed to anyone in your business. Think of it as your messaging hub that can provide easy filtering of chats through its use of channels. Organize your mobile business with AT&T level connectivity today!

Price: Free for basic, plans vary

#4: Zoom

You’d be hard pressed to find a modern business that has not used Zoom. This free app can be downloaded to a phone or computer to enable simple audio and video chats. Some businesses that are entirely remote can use AT&T connectivity to use this service daily for updates and questions that employees may have, as well as client meetings that may require a remote discussion. 

Price: Free for basic, plans vary

#5: Paypal

Paypal is a finance app that you can setup to take payments anywhere with the help of the robust AT&T network. Simply link your bank account, and you can instantly send and receive money with ease. Many businesses utilize this tool to take and send payments for various goods and services.

Price: Free

#6: Hootsuite

Social media is key to growing your business organically in this increasingly digital world. Hootsuite is a powerful social media scheduling and monitoring tool that pairs well with a connected workplace that utilizes AT&T’s strong data network. Hootsuite enables a prominent presence for your business through planned social posts. This can give your business an edge in recognition as you continue to grow, as well as a reinforcement to your brand identity. 

Price: $30 a month for professional, additional plans vary

#7: HelloSign 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we lived in a world where you could simply sign documents electronically instead of having to print out a document, sign it, and then scan it back into your computer? We do now! HelloSign enables users to legally sign any document and store a copy of it in the HelloSign system so they may reference it at any time. Store these documents to your mobile devices through AT&T’s highly rated network to ensure you have your documents wherever you need them.

Price: Free for basic, plans vary

#8: Trello

Another task based project app, Trello makes it simple to track the progress of tasks through the use of boards. As opposed to Asana’s more text and list oriented workflow, Trello offers a visual process for those who prefer to visualize their tasks instead of just reading. AT&T can connect you to this app wherever you plan on working with their mobile solutions, so why not clean up your workflow with Trello?

Price: Free for basic, plans vary

#9: Grammarly

We all misspel… I mean misspell words sometimes. Since to err is human, to correct is Grammarly. Think of this app as your smartest friend peering over your shoulder constantly helping you when making common grammar mistakes. We all know this friend, and we are all secretly jealous of their grammar superpowers. The beautiful thing about Grammarly is that you can learn from your mistakes to become the friend that everyone asks to proofread! We know how important it is to be grammatically correct in the world of business, so we are proud to provide AT&T mobile solutions for all businesses. 

Price: Free, plans vary

#10: Google app suite

As a small business, you are going to need a core suite of apps that accomplish basic tasks. As I write this article with Google Docs, I have the power to add comments, share, outline, format, and everything you may think of with text. Google Sheets in akin to Excel, Google Slides akin to Powerpoint, etc. The Google suite of apps is an essential tool to drive success in your business. Ensure you can access your files from anywhere with AT&T’s fast mobile solutions.

Price: $5 per month for basic, additional plans vary