If you are trying to manage the data security, software, apps, and devices for your team, it can be madness. Updates, hardware, device upgrades, security, connectivity…it’s a lot to handle, and you’re not alone! 

As mobile devices and BYOD (bring your own device) policies continue to become the norm for businesses both large and small, solutions that focus on providing IT consistency, security, scalability, and flexibility are more in demand than ever. 

If you are trying to handle your MDM (Mobile Device Management) needs in-house, here are some hurdles that you might be trying to jump, and why you might want to consider partnering with a company that specializes in MDM or EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) on a larger scale.

MDM doesn’t just require your IT department’s bandwidth.

For instance, your billing department, Human Resources, accounting, training, or safety and compliance department may all need to devote hours and resources to keeping your staff’s mobile devices paid for, updated, working correctly, and working compliantly. One mistake, or misunderstanding, or delay from any of these departments, and your business, employees, and customers can suffer.

BYOD policies can throw more than wrenches in your MDM plans.

BYOD is a great and increasingly popular way for many businesses to take advantage of mobile devices and get the most from their employees in terms of happiness and productivity. However, different devices mean different operating systems, applications, updates, security features, and more. Staying on top of all of this can be chaotic and challenging, to say the least!

What you don’t know can hurt you (data security).

In today’s world, it’s not a matter IF you will encounter a data security issue, but when, and how bad it will be. If you aren’t a data security expert, what you don’t know can really harm not only your business but your customers and employees too. Also, managing the changing and dynamic security needs of your business requires ongoing education, training, updates and support not only for you, but for your team as well.

Connectivity and reliability issues.

As a business owner, you may still be a long-time customer of the very first internet and cell phone provider that you signed up with. Nothing can kill work-day or a customer relationship faster than slow internet, or spotty connectivity. Especially if your team requires access in the field or on the go, access matters and the same company that you might use at home to stream a sitcom might not be the best solution for your business.
So how can you take the madness out of MDM?

For each of these challenges, there is a solution, and here are just a few!

  • Partnering with an expert in MDM can keep your IT department sane.
    By outsourcing your MDM needs to a partner that specializes in this area, your IT department is free to focus on what they do best, and do their job better! Your employees, customers, vendors, and bottom line will thank you.
  • An MDM partner can handle all the things that other departments weren’t designed to do.
    Having an MDM partner can streamline your MDM needs and keep it all under one umbrella, instead of requiring different departments within your company to handle all the different responsibilities behind managing your mobile device fleet.
  • Data and network security should be handled by data and network security experts.
    When you are specially trained to manage data and network security, you are better equipped to be on top of the latest updates, threats, and strategies needed to prevent a costly and painful breach. It’s important enough, that it requires a dedicated resource to attend to it.
  • The right network and provider can make all the difference.
    Depending on your devices, the number of devices you use, and how you use them, connectivity could be the difference between flourishing and floundering. Mobility Help Desk is partnered with AT&T to give you the speed, reliability, and dependability you need to keep your devices connected, and getting the work done fast. If speed and reliability matter to you, it may be time to look for something better!

We hope that this article gave you some clarity and guidance on MDM! We are experts with MDM/EMM, and we’d like to show you how we can make mobile device management painless for your business.

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